Barrys Scientific Based Products

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Barrys Scientific Based Products

The purpose of this site is to educate and inform people of my  Scientific based products.

      Barrys Scientific Based products promotes, markets, designs, and develops Motherboard and Network Topology designs by    publishing on PublishResearch  self promotion websites, splash pages, traffic exchanges and some social media sites I have also created two other websites links are below.    This website has been upgraded and is now mobile friendly ! I have now added a Google Custom Search Engine for easier site result searches. I have also added some social Media accounts for a better End-User Expereience.


       Barrys Scientific Based products is a state registered trademark of the state of Washington and Florida. This state mark is placed on the Copyrighted work either in Canada under the W.I.P.O. or U.S. copyright  it is also placed on websites, splash pages , websites, and some social media. I have republished a work regarding Network switch designs Barrys Quantum State Physics and 12288 Network Switch Application Design

       I have placed the most Current  Motherboard and Network Topology Designs links below also I have started to add Network Topology designs that were completed roughly two years ago. The links are below. If you wish to make a donation to this project I have just set up a pay pal donation it shows I am attempting to sell products.  Please note I have placed a new work on this site named Barry's Linear Private Key and Public Certificate Exchange also added a Custom Search Engine to this site to insure Data Integrity.

Current Product Motherboard Designs

Barrys SS-65-1-B Motherboard Design  | Barrys SS-65-1.2-B Revision Motherboard Design 

Barrys SS75 with 65536 bit Architecture Motherboard Design/Special Project # 1

Barrys SS75 with Dynamic Registries/Special Projects # 2 

Current Product Network Topology Designs

Barrys Icosikaitetragon Network Topology Design  | Barrys hexadecagon Network Topology Design

Barrys Icosikaihexagon Network Topology Design | Barrys IcosiKaioctagon Network Topology Special Project # 3/MBS

Network Topology Designs


Barrys Decagon and Network Topology Design  | Barrys DoDecagon and Network Topology Design

Barrys tetra-Decagon Network Topology Design | Barrys hexadecagon Network Topology Design

 Barrys Octadecagon Network Topology Design | Barrys Icosagon Network Topology Design  

Barrys Icosikaidigon Network Topology Design

***** Barrys Tricotagon Network Topology Special Project #4/Phd *****

     Computer Motherboard Designs | Bus Designs | Cryptographic Design

8192 System Architecture Mother board design   | 8192 Bit System Architecture  | Model Super Sonic 12 Motherboard-Design and 12288 Bit Architecture

Model Super Sonic 17 Motherboard-Design and 15360 Bit Architecture | Model Super Sonic 24 Motherboard Design and Private Public Bios

Model Super Sonic 34 Motherboard-Design |  Model Super Sonic 45 Motherboard-Design | Barrys Visual Model 8192-System-Bus-design

Barry's System 12228 Interface | Barry's Linear Private Key Public Certificate Exchange

E-mail | Barry Equality Field Equation |  Barry's Computer Science Published Work

Barrys Cosmological Dynamic Binary Position


Barrys Scientific Based Products is now a Service mark of the State of Florida

Barry Equality Field Equation is now a Service mark of the State Of Florida

Barrys Cosmological Dynamic Binary Position is a  service of the State of Tennesse

A Safe Site

Barrys Scientific Based Products is a Registered Service Mark of Washington and Florida