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                                                             April Newsletter 2017

       Today is 04/04/2017. I would like to bring attention to Social Media and IT Security. I and my wife have cancelled the following Social Media do to Data Privacy and Security concerns and possible spyware concerns. The following has been cancelled:

       1). Facebook

       2). Twitter

       3). Google plus

       4). Linkedin

          When I pulled up the Google Search engine results keyword Barrys Scientific Based Products these were showing a link to my State registered Servicemark Barrys Scientific Based Products. The search engines should update their results and relevant searches as this seems to indicate data corruption. I am deeply concerned about social media borrowing profiles and accounts as this tends to lead toward "piracy of profiles". According to the Helsinki Accord and updated the three tenents of the accord are the following:

             1). Scientific Exchange of Information

             2). Bank Exchanges

             3). Inter Governmental communications.

              The Internet has a standard set of protocols that are use to communicate on a world wide web scale hint www.x.x.x not a National Scale which leads to the question of compliance of certain companies that are not in compliance with the treaties signed and ratified by a nation ; futhermore,  it is understood that different operating systems can communicate with one another example Linux, Unix, Windows etc. This sets a precedence of a set of communications regardless of Operating System.

                On the other hand you have countries, pirates, terrorist that misuse technology,  They should not have access to the best technology available out on the market. This is named reasonable security procedures. I recently completed a  Canadian Copyright approved on 03/02/2017 and I have not received the registration paperwork as of 04/04/2017 the work was cryptographics using linear based motion with two patentable ideas.. The Canadian copyright office sent out a second copy and also have not received the paperwork. I have complained to the U.S. Postal agency and hopefully the actions of the agency will be corrected as with the other missing mail.  This also calls into question or opens the door to the outrageous idea of "Espionage" by a Public or Private Entity that is within the borders of a country.I am very sad some agencies wish to engage in these types of activities demonstrating a lower level of thinking.  I once learned a valuable lesson from a Grandmaster from South Korea in my early stages in Martial Arts while doing my hyung or form,  He saw me watching a individual doing the form and I was trying to imitate it and he told me to pay attention to yourself and your interpretation of the form do not be concerned with others.   I hope those that engage in disruptive activities will take the time to explore their inner self and look themselves in the mirror and come to the conclusion they are their own worst enemies not others. 

Barry L. Crouse Ph.d Computer Information Systems



                                                               March Newsletter 2017

                    Today is 03/19/2017. I have been working on my next project and one thing as I am going along is that these projects are growing in complexity and requires some very deep thinking. My next project is for a Mid Range Server 64 -128 Gig of Memory for 15360 Bit Architecture. This type of server requires and demand a better secure environment.  I have received the software and hoping I can have the hardware available to me by June 2017.

                     The one thing that probably I have already envisioned for this server is that it will not have any Social Media Presence because after testing and checking parameters I found some issues that leave a window of  opportunity to exploit this type of server. I will be employing Elliptic type certificates with no allowance for Social Media. The idea for this server will be curvature based motion and my next copyright that I write will reflect this but on a more complex scale.  I have also designed a possible password algorithim that is not overly complex but maybe further developed by others. The trick of this is If you do not have the text book and practical experience in Motion based Energy Science you maynot be able to comprehend this because it is reflected in  Martial Arts Studies and practices which takes years of practice and observations.

                    On another note, My martial Arts practices will include the concept of "threading the needle" I take a string and tie a 1 inch piece of stick to hit the target with kicks and strikes this forces exact precesion and causes motion to change position as a result which I have already notice so early in my training this year this may play  a important role in how I write my next copyright that is curvature based. 

Barry L. Crouse



                                                      Thoughts on my 69th Copyright

                 Today is 03/08/2017,   I have just been approved for my 69th Copyright named Barry's Linear Private Key and Public Certificate Exchange

  I need to put my thoughts about this project. I was given a problem late last year and found a solution to a problem that has been festering for a number of years. The issue was a obsolete key unlocking a RSA Certificate with  very good authentication TLS 1.1. I made some improvements in the Key process that should improve and better secure Certificates that are RSA in Nature.  A few improvements  listed are the following:

                1). Assymetrical keys to prevent key duplication 1 RSA Regular 2 subkeys

                2). Entanglement of Addresses to prevent masked addresses that are non-verifiable.

                3). Mathematical Equation to process key.

                4). Linear Key Process

                    These are only a few I have noted I also created a process to develope keys that turn RSA Ceritifcates with different Encodation schemes.

                    The ideal Environment for 12288 bit Architecture is a Low End Server designed for Small Business Enterprise. This has has been tested out with 16 Gig of memory and should provide a solution that Computer and Software Manufactorers can employ in helping "others" as a way of  having some sort of confidence on the Internet to engage in everyday normal business activity hopefully Financial Institutions can attempt to work with Small Business Enterprises in promoting better security for all. Bottom line this is a workable solution. I hope that we can look forward to a brighter future in the Computer and Mechanical Engineering fields.

                    I would like to one day build a medium level server that uses 64-128 gig of memory and see if I can do something with this as well. I have begun working on my next project but this requires more computing power do to the type of motion being employed. 

                   As far as copyright's are concerned, The rule is if you use the work you should mention the author as a Economic benefit I do not think this is to much to ask for. I have set up a donation on this website If you wish to make one.

Barry L. Crouse


                                                        Refurbishing a Lan Server

       Today is 02/14/2017. I have been working on a lot of different things Software and Hardware Developement. One of these projects is taking a PC that is 8 or 9 years old and giving it some new life hardware and software wise.

       I have recently upgraded my 8 or 9 year old PC's memory from 8 to 16 gig of memory and with this opens the door for some additional software considerations such as taking a spare hard drive and creating some file shares using samba along with some IT security File and Object rights such as Group Accounts and others have read access Read rights not create and delete files to modify. This has been corrected.

     I have created PKCS12-RSA 5120 Linear and a ECC Curvature , Server, and Certificate of Authorities that interface with my 8192 PGP keys these are used to cross check those that have questionable security models also began using 12288 keys Asymtmetrical RSA standard and two subkey protection also created a 8192 SSH shell. I also was successful in creating a 15360 bit PGP key RSA Standard 4096 bits two subkeys RSA Encrypted 8192 total bits and additional subkey of 3072.  This has also been published. The 15360 bit architecture opens the idea of not allowing characters to be overlayed on a clipboard do to it's assymetrical keys preventing a possible duplication of the key via clipboards

    I have worked with browsers that use different encodation schemes instead of the standard UTF-8 bit scheme hint 16 and 32 bits to cross check those that manipulate characters catching websites that use different Top level domains .com, .net, .biz etc.. that have been used to interchange.

    The 802.x frame now includes using different protocols TTLS, Fast, Peap and or MD5  to check for secured and authenticated links. My certificates Linear and Circular based are used to cross check for those that engage in questionable redirects. My server has some limited capability in encrypting Databases that are created within- Internally.

    The usage of 8192 bit architecture benchmarks that have low end server capabilities should have a range of  8 gig of memory ( recommended 16 gig) works well with 4 sata hard drives. Software Firewall has been created on the server to add additional security features. The idea usage of this model is for a small business that has a owner with some Intermediate to Advance Computer Skills because it uses Linux and requires bot Hardware and Software skills.  My Lan server also required some additional work within the BIOS you will have to work with this as well.

    I would like to consider in the near future building a Mid range system that employs 64 - 128 meg of memory with software that gives additional features and allowances to create a model for this range as well.  The server I built has the ability to handle 8192, 12288, and 15360 architecture mainly keys and shells within the set I have just talked about.

Barry L. Crouse



                                                       Thoughts on IT Security Issues

        Today is 02/07/2017. I would like to discuss some IT Cyber Security Issues that have been coming up this includes Social Media and News Outlets. 

         My virus software has been detecting some Javascript virus attacks on my websites which brings about a issue regarding Public Servers and their lack of adherence to stronger security measures to prevent Denial Of Service attacks and or Virus attacks.  I have recently been developing a Server that I built using high grade security that checks for  authenticity of links and servers. The combination of Linear and Circular based Certificates have proven to be a useful tool against pirate attacks along with "Spyware". The certificates are placed in software to check those Certificates that house questionable Certificates  of Authority's that have access to websites, Email, and Software Developement. The certificates I placed in my store have access to my 12288 bit RSA Key that provides a way or method to cross check the above mentioned servers.

          I have been working on keys that utilize RSA with subkey encryption in addition to different encodation methods that work with my own developed and self signed certificates and keys that follow the words of wisdom "Trust but Verify" this has worked quite well with the set of bit architecture {8192, 12288, and 15360}  set.

        In regards to Social Media and their associates News Outlets they will be strictly monitored for spyware including Cookies 3rd party and flash cookies this is checked against a firewall and or programs for malicious behavior. I do not keep my server online 24 hours a day but I use it to check against those that have ill intentions and promote questionable behavior. I am not against cookies that can be verified only cookies that are used to gain access into a system to place software that is spyware in nature this mainly comes from 3rd party and flash cookies.

      I also have begun the process of  either allowing Javascripts to pass through that can be verified if it cannot than where the Javascript came from will not be allowed and along with the Certificate of Authority will be disabled along with the Server not permitted this also applies to Javascripts that contain virus attacks. The Internet three main functions are Governmental Communication country to country, bank exchanges, and Scientific Exchanges as agreed upon via treaty and or ratification this is the basis for peaceful and Coexistence.

       I hope ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox come into compliance with the treaties that are signed by all parties and quit trying to find loop holes around these issues to create strife. Please remember the Internet means World Wide Web WWW not any other concocted idea's that you have.


Barry L. Crouse Ph.d Computer Information Systems 35 years in Computers and IT (So no misunderstandings).


                                                       Thoughts on Patent Trolls

                        Today is 02/04/2017, I would like to provide my input on patent trolls. I recently came across my twitter page regarding patent trolls and lawsuits against those that create new products and innovations.

                        When a person who has over 15 plus years in a field example Computer Sciences, IT, Hardware and Software Design, Mechanical Engineering, I do not think it is wise to allow a Public lawyer to review sensitive work because when my Dad was in the Navy, I was taught that if you tell somebody your secrets they now as much as you in other words they are equal to your knowledge of the product. I feel some form of Government protection from lawsuits and going into the patent office to view a sensitive work like Crytographics for example whether a Big or small company should not have to be subject to lawsuits that are a round about way of gaining access into one's Intellectual Property. The way around this is to classify it as a Trade Secret not accesiible to the public for fear of Economic sabotage that is directed at the inventor whether it is a big or small company.

                      A patent that is sensitive in nature deserves special protection do to the possibility of being employed in a National Infrastructure therefoe deserves special considertaion whether part or all of it is employed.   Yes, I know there are nuances in patent designs arrows and description but by the same token the main idea for a patent is what does the product do for somebody or someone that should be the major focus for a small inventor like myself giving ideas to others in the form of patents to review would bring about  harmful actions that others wish to enagage in.

                     In my case, I would like to submit  a few patents under these guidelines to top off a Great Career and maybe having it stamped in my passport for acknowledgement of one's lifelong work. and maybe receiving consideration for Master's Degree for Mechanical Engineering  and some other rewards such as first time housing program for my family.


Barry L. Crouse

                                 Thoughts on Rebuilding a Server on a 9 year old Machine

                  Today is 01/18/2017. I have recently rebuilt my server which is nine years old and took two days to complete. This required resetting the Bios software to allow for Linux to allow for updates on a system and application level. The server I rebuilt has encryption capabilities to protect data across the Internet.

                   I was able to implement the following:

                  1). 12288 bit key with blocks of 4096 1 main block of data and two sub keys this was published on key servers. The motion used is linear based

                  2). 8192 bit ssh to securely connect to a terminal Private and Public. The motion used was linear based.

                  As I go along there will be more announcements of features I have implemented on my private server.  After testing the encryption capabilities of processing it is probably recommended that using 16 gig of memory would work better. I used 8 Gig of server memory plus 1 gig of video memory and encountered some issues as a result bottlenecks and slow processing.   If you are going to build using 8192 and 12288 bit architecture the recommended memory is 16 Gig for smoother processing. You can work with 8 Gig but you are most likely going to encounter some bottlenecks in processing applications that are encryption based and may have to work with the bios.

                  Barry L. Crouse


               Barry's Scientific Based Products Newsletter update for December 2016

                           Today is 12/21/2016. I have renewed this domain for another year. I wanted to discuss the future of this website and outline the goals. As you know or might not know one of the goals for this website is to obtain and provide support for 100,000 downloads. As of 12/21/2016, I am between 26,000-27,000 downloads.

                            The other goals for this site is to obtain 1000 likes on facebook  and also play a supporting role for obtaining 1000 follower's on Twitter. 

                              I would also like to get a National Trademark for Barry's Scientific Based Products.  In the past, I have not received much help or support from legal services for trying to get a National Trademark and I received a suggestion on how to get this done free from legal services that do not want to help but obstruct.

                             I also would like to build or upgrade my low end server that would provide support for LDAP local directory services. I built a 8 gig memory server but would like to build one that supports 16 Gig. I will have to operate a small home office and will need more living space than I currently have. The LDAP directory is needed because it provides the opportunity to force Public based directory's to verify their information. Yesterday on 12/202016 I received a message from a bank and this bank used 3rd party software because when I responded to it the Email came back with a 3rd part directory service after checking the credentials used a obsolete key.  This site has a Private Email with this website and domain.


                            I want to Thank Each and Everyone of you for making this site a winner ! Thank You !




                                    Update on Barry's Scientific Based Products

               Today is 11/14/2016. I would like to provide a update on this website and Product Information update. I have recently been approved recently two Canadian copyrights the first one is Barrys Visual Model 8192-System-Bus-design the second one is Barry's System 12228 Interface . These work's advanced some new idea's and concepts utilizing Linear and Curvature motion time and space formation this also promotes Cyber Security by reworking the OSI 2nd and 3rd layer MAC addressing and IP layer. These two works provide Interfaces.

                I have also added some copyrights on this site that have not been heavily promoted. The past two-three months I have used paid advertisement on both twitter and facebook so I put my money where my mouth is a little humor.

                On another note, I have recently completed a Quality Assurance check by testing copyrighted links and notice some were either missing ?? or used a Internal file system within the site this has also been updated as well.

                I have recently updated the hashtags and noticed downloads went up on  because some of the counter were stagnant which drew a red flag. My goal is 100,000 downloads and I am roughly between 17,000-20,000 so there is a long way's to go.  The sites now include social media buttons so hopefully should see some results.

Barry L. Crouse 

Barrys Scientific Based Products



                                                                                                             Recently Submitted Science Works

                      I have recently submitted my latest Interface design's  that work with the 8192 and 12228 Architecture and or Motherboard Designs. These designs make use of Linear and Curvature motion employed on the 2nd layer of the OSI Mac addresses that form frames. These designs work below the encryption layer which is on the 7th layer application. I have also employed a combination of Symmetrical and Assymetrical forms of Energy through Intelligent Design Choices. Time and Space formation is applied in principal  taking the theory I have proposed and creating a realistic application that can be employed.

                       I have always believed that it is not enough to write a theory that may or may not work but taking the next step by deploying a application that provides support for the theory which in this case Time and Space formation. This work is complex do to it's many facets and incorporation of many idea's into something that is fluid and cohesive. 

                     These works were submitted do to the recent attacks on my Private Network on 09/11/2016 hint a response. I hope that those who do read this work will keep a open mind and above all enjoy the reading. Thank you for reading this Blog !

Barry L. Crouse

Barrys Scientific Based Products



                                                                                                      IT Security Observations Rogue Wi-Fi Signals

              On 09/11/2016, The following occurred: I  was troubleshooting my son's desktop PC this was tied into a Home based Router 3-4 years old. I have tried to update the router before but it reported no updates available. The Desktop was a Windows 8 PC with Virus software. The Windows 8 System could not correctly configure the updates and reverted back to restore. I pulled the router from the PC and it reported a German message " eingang" . This was in America by the way not in Germany ??

              I started to test my other Laptop because I notice I would set the airplane mode and blue tooth off and it would come back on again. After pulling the Router that accepted Wifi signals from the desktop I was able to set my settings on my laptop no airplane mode. 

              I have concluded that the home based router I have had for 3-4 years was configured to be a poisonous router from a rogue Public Server that advertised to send bad elements to my Private Network System.  In the future, I will be setting up Certificates on the Router itself if  the rogue public servers do not accept my certificates they will be blocked this is un-excusable for a Certificate of Authority via Public Server to allow rogue signals to pass through the Public Server and than go to my routers and ultimately corrupt Desktops, Laptops, Tablets.


           When the Media such as Fox Network plays Homeland Security, I suggest they practice what they preach good security does not include Public Servers that have weak security procedures. Weakening Protocols password security, hashing and algorithims at the expense of others is not acceptable the question is who is going to take responsibility when those that want the power to control the Internet and will not accept responsibility for damages to private property. This is not a good situation for the General Public and is not good IT Security practices.

Barry L. Crouse


                                                                                    Barrys Scientific Based Products Website News update

              I have not written anything on my blog for a while do to many projects the past 3-4 months. I have completed the following:

                                                                                     Service Marks filed and approved

  1. Barrys Scientific Based Products

  2. Barry Equality Field Equation

  3. Barrys Cosmological Dynamic Binary Position

                                                                                       Testing of Software

                                               I have also completed building a private server having to update the hardware and software as well. Certificates were built and tested linear and curvature the linear certificates ranged between RSA 4096-5120. The Curvatures were built using 300-400 bits over binary field this was used for Certificate of Authorities and distributed on different operating systems within my Private Network. The Certificates were also used to regulate traffic IP Packets checking for authenticity. Some certificates had special requirements checking for time stamps, objects, and responder based.

                                                I have also implemented TlS 1.3 on my private server with fall back capabilities 802.1x was also implemented using various protocols that accessed these certificates. The software companies worked with me on helping to alleviate data corruption and integrity along with stronger authentication protocols. Please note some people get carried away but the private server I built basically has  good security please note not military grade or anything like that but I feel that if you have assets such as a server you probably should require a little better and stronger security to protect your information. TCP/IP is a handshake and the certificates I built into my programs browsers, Email, etc have worked very well.

                                                       I hope others  will find this useful for building their own private server and your security needs are met. I would hope maybe next year to build a midsize server.

Barry L. Crouse Ph.d Computer Information Systems






                                                                                                                   Meeting goals and objectives

                Yesterday on 08/13/2016, I reached 10,000 downloads on This took some time and a lot of work and effort.  I wanted to thank each and everyone of you for helping me obtain this goal Thank You ! but as I have learned in sports is to never rest on your achievements so my next goal would be 100,000 downloads. I do not know how I will approach this goal as this requires some brainstorming of ideas in relations to marketing strategies. Sometimes goals can be difficult and may not be obtainable but anything worth doing requires your best effort. 

                   On a technical note, I encountered a problem in which a Public Server attempted to set  my chrome book in high contrast mode using Java scripts for the purpose of corrupting video display drivers. I used a two step process. The first is to reset the Chrome book to original factory settings using the original video driver installed on the chrome book originally instead of the updated driver from a undisclosed public server source that updates Chromebooks. The next step is to un click the high contrast mode in the settings tab this has worked well the past week.

                 Barry Crouse



                                                                                                                           Quality Assurance Program

       I posted my complaint regarding my car and wanted to insure Data Integrity in case "others" wish to hide the truth. Please find a copy of a complaint issued over a vehicle that was made in 5/2014. The complaint is public as stated by the Washington State Attorney General's Office.


Explanation of complaint:

         1). About 2or 3 months ago I brought my car in for a check Engine light Tacoma Dodge reported that the diagnostics found it and they would watch it no further action needed

         2). I brought my car in about 3 weeks ago for a 30,000-36000 mile inspection also had brakes looked at they found nothing wrong and stated they did a diagnostic check as well everything ok

         3). My car right after July 4th had a check engine light and was losing power brought it into Tacoma Dodge last Sunday and they reported a fuel pump problem for my 2014 Red Dodge Journey mileage at 36,200. I researched it and my car was manufactored stamp date 05/2014 I bought the car last November of 2015 with 29,000 miles plus. Fuel pumps should not give at after two years and should last 10 years or 100,000 miles. Tacoma Dodge today stated they found  sugar, flour, and or acid in the Gas tank mileage 36,200 roughly. I have attached a document to support this statement. I will require a official statement from Tacoma Dodge so that this maybe turned over to the Federal Government if this is what Tacoma Dodge is claiming  regarding flour, sugar, and or acid. The warranty stated 36,000 miles the mechanic found nothing wrong doing a diagnostic check at 35,600 miles. Tacoma Dodge told me that the mechanic did not catch this problem and would honor the warranty check engine light and the service desk stated they would fix this for free because mechanic negligence and brought this to their attention. We feel Tacoma Dodge is trying to not honor it's warranty and negligence by making claims about flour, sugar, and acid the bill will cost us 1,021.00. The made a last minute decesion today on 07/12/2016 roughly 4:30 pm to not honor their warranty. Complaint as Public Record: Yes Disclosure Notices: Yes ********************************************************** ********************************************************** If you have any questions about the complaint submittal process, you may contact our Consumer Resource Center at 1-800-551-4636 between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Sincerely, Bob Ferguson and the AGO staff Consumer protection issues constantly change, with new scams and threats emerging every week.  To be automatically notified, please consider signing up for one or more of our newsletters ( to keep up-to-date on the latest AGO news, opinions, consumer alerts, Ask the AG columns, and blog posts. You can also follow us on the social networking sites Twitter (, YouTube ( and Facebook (

                          I needed quality assurance and data integrity since this site has a service mark on it.

Blog posted 07/13/2016

                                                                                                            Social Media and IT Security Issues

              Last week my face book page was being redirected to another site that decided to take my face book page and "pirate it" The problem is/was when using my chrome book with a non wireless connection the login script would log me into a different address space. I fixed this problem by using my Private secured server I  deactivated my facebook account along with my wife's account.

              I created Certificates end user, server, and or authority. I disabled facebooks Certificate digicert using extended validation. I also blocked facebook from placing cookies and tracking capabilities. After completing research I found that facebook according to wikipedia and or it's associates do private contracting with the Federal Government the issue with this is I paid twenty dollars to boost my post for my websites regarding my business a few questions must be addressed.

               As a Private contractor example facebook, How can I the business owner or individual be assured of being protected from "Industrial Espionage" Intellectual Property under the W.I.P.O. please remember this is not under U.S. Jurisdiction so this in itself opens a can of worms if you will. On a milder note , companies who claim they work for business and or people and work in the Intelligent Security Field cannot serve two masters this is common sense either serve one or the other this represents a conflict of interest and should be evaluated by a team with relevant experience private and public.

                I also made recommendations to facebook and Microsoft to update their password security by using stronger protocols md 5 is not one of them. The password security protocol should remain in North America to balance privacy and security within a Internal sphere.  I do not think big software corporations should have exclusive rights to security people with 30 plus years hint myself should not accept Big software corporation mandates. I created a Private Server that promotes my safety and security along with my families needs this has the ability to use linear and curvature certificates, frame security (frames into packets 802.1 x), RSA  encrypted disk files, and or folders tls 1.2 and or 1.3. I believe a properly built private server offers way better protection when needed than a public server that uses outdated protocols md-5 , 3des 168, certificates using 1024/2048 bits.  This does not help people using these types of protocols and in facts builds mistrust between public entities and the citizen . The news media in all it's great wisdom seems to lack intelligence in this area they place so much emphasis on Public Servers and forget the individual rights of peoples freedom and liberties the ability to protect one self from pirates either from Somolia and or Cameroon land or sea as a analogy. 

                                                                                   Website being updated

              I would like to provide some additional information since I lately been having legal eagles little humor visiting me. My published Work for the most part is copyrighted in Canada under the W.I.P.O. World Intellectual Property Organization. The Published work is listed in the Canadian Copyright Data Base total 30. 

               I have recently been approved for a service mark in the State of Florida for the words Barry Equality Field Equation to insure property rights are being protected since I recently had some of my competition put their equation next to mine which I find kind of unfair in relations to fair trade practices and the fairness doctrine. My equation is based on Intelligent Design-God Einstein's theory of Relativity has been found to support the Big Bang Theory. The problem is if organizations example Wikipedia can place Einsteins theory in the Encyclopedia and it can be placed next to mine on search engine images and mine cannot be placed on their sites than this violates the rule of reciprocality meaning equal value must be recognized if one wishes to place their equation next to their opponents otherwise the results are obscure and unreliable search results cannot be very trust worthy and above all unreliable.

Dated 06/13/2016

Barry L. Crouse

                                                                          Learning to Make the Most of our opportunities

                        Today is 05/12/2016. I would like to discuss a opportunity that presented itself.  I have made a transition from Computer Information System to Mechanical Engineer - Mechanotronics. My car was recently in the shop for repairs rear bumper. I picked up my car yesterday and found a design for the rear bumper in the back of my seats surprised. I looked at the design and began to think about it a little. My bumper was damaged while in park and was hit force of impact roughly 5-10 mph. I examined my bumper and my wife and I noticed that the bumper had hairline fractures which lead to deformation over time. 

                                                         I proposed the following to the rear bumper: 

                        1). The rear bumper has in the internal side a metal plate  while the external visible has the plastic.

                        2). Dual Coiled springs are attached to the metal plate-Internally with the springs protected with plastic hoses.

                        3). The coiled springs have copper wires that are attached to a chip monitor to measure the impact on force for                                     data gathering and analysis. 


                        4). The screws used to bolt the rear bumper are shaped to a decagon 10 sided polygon to insure the part is                                            genuine using titanium.

                        The coiled springs on the rear bumper I feel prevent further damage by preventing accidents that place pressure on the overall frame of the car itself and prevents creeping and metal deformation over time. The force that is applied to a rear bumper should be able to absorb 35 pounds of pressure causing minor to medium damage. 

                         I did not expect to be confronted with a problem and provide a solution but as they say Life comes with all kinds of surprises not what I expected but happy to be given the opportunity to show somebody something. The main differences with the design proposal is that the chip monitor is tied into the Computer motherboard in the car and usages of different metals with different polygon shapes of screws.


   Barry L. Crouse


                                                                                                      New Service Mark

     Today is 05/03/2016. I would like to announce today that I have received a Service Mark for Barrys Scientific Based Products in the State of Florida. This hopefully will properly identify my services when advertising my website  .

       I have recently published my latest work on this website Barrys Tricotagon Network Topology Special Project #4/Phd . This project brought a lot of different ideas and attempted to create a cohesive work and involved hard disk, network topology, cryptography just to name a few it even offers a a new idea for hard disk design and projects the idea of shelled within a shell concept bringing a theory into practical application.

        I am hoping one day to explore the possibility of obtaining a National Trademark perhaps before I goto Russia in September. The design is unique and should qualify and I hope politics will be removed from my attempts.


       Barry L. Crouse Ph.d Computer Information Systems


                                                                                  Testing Notes on Private Based Server

                      Today is 04/08/2016. I have encountered the following issues on my Private Based Local Server. The Hard Disk for the file share was encrypted using a Dolphin based File for NFS only. Samba was disabled along with services. The object token tied into the Super user account was manipulated not the root account and rendered the account useless thus it compromised the encryption application that was needed to unlock the file share server. I had to delete the super user account along with Group rights. I believe a possible theory is when I created a Ldap directory based server this allowed public access into the email accounts by "Manipulating tokens" via object right user accounts.  This appears to support the need for Ldap with local in house software not directly tied to the Internet as I have advocated. This also calls for object tokens that access into a browser via Internal links to require encryption and stronger protocols that surpass MD-5 such as Strong Password Authentication via SPA or Pake. 

                        The disk that was raided was also rendered useless so a image file could not restore this account.  I will attempt to update the software and use a bridging device that shields bios based information in the near future. A Router uses IP addresses on the 3 layer of the OSI Stack protocol but a bridge device is on the 2nd layer non-router protocol. This allows for Mac addresses to be masked and or encapsulated.     

Barry L. Crouse




                                                                                               Update on My Private Server

                        Today is 03/30/2016 I have been working on my small Private Server. I recently upgraded my server based memory fully buffered. I worked on the Ldap server and reviewed the which was pre-configured and renamed along with the schemas.  I had setup the Ldap for only my localhost. The idea was to configure the Lan first set up Intranet based email and Lan pages than I could test the directory within a local network. The Ldap called for using one of my public domain addresses to access the localhost as a way of validation and verification.

                         In the early to mid 90's this was a common practice to run in house software local based email and pages than you can access the Internet when it was needed dial out from a point of access. This created a stricter method within the Intranet links are verified and strictly controlled. The Ldap requires access into the Local Server using a Public address space. I was able to access from my private server to the Internet. The only question is when setting up password security for this it uses a md5 based password ;however, I was able to setup some file and object security property rights. This may offset the password security by controlling file and object rights.  

                          I guess when you are wrong your wrong about the configuration of a Ldap directory using a localhost if that is what people are trying to make me admit fine but by the same token using some lan based email and pages within the Intranet using stricter password and security protocols should not be dismissed. I would want to secure my trade secrets to prevent those that are not up to the task the correct term is "Industrial Spies". Links that are masked and ghosts create some serious problems for people who Invent products that need Patents and Trademarks.  

                         Barry L. Crouse


                         Re-edited on 03/31/2016 smile !!!


                                                                                        65th Copyright Approved 

                         I have just been approved for my 65th Copyright entitled Barrys Tricontagon Network Topology Special Project #4/Phd. The project was complex in nature because it involved many different items that were incorporated. I attempted to combine a Theory I developed and create a practical solution for the 21st Century. The ideas are listed below :

                          1). Combining Computer Sciences with Mechanical Engineering.

                          2). Creating shelled within Shelled Internal Cryptographical Keys.

                          3). Creating a Hard Disk Network Topology Design.

                          4). New approach to Electro-Mechanical Hard Drives Design, Method, and Process

                          5). Utilizing a base 16 bit system instead of 8.

                          6). Gateway Processing for Areas Of Space.

                          7). Dynamic bit processing.

                             The work is Published on Publish Research . I will Publish this on my website at a future Day. I would like to Thank God for the career I have had 65 copyrights over a span of 16 years. I wanted to stop at 50 copyrights 2-3 years ago but I was able to squeeze at 15 more probably my better work for that I am thankful for reaching my potential.

                              My future plans include trying to obtain a service mark which I applied for on 02/02/2016 and have not received any indication from the law firm or notice as of 03/24/2016 so I may have to look elsewhere outside of the U.S. do to conflicts with State and Federal law regarding commerce and the World Intellectual Property Organization.

                               I would still like to create a Design Patent in the future regarding a TPM module Internal Cryptographics but this may have to occur outside of the United States as well because 2-3 years ago I submitted 4 design patents to the U.S. Patent Office basically costing 1,000.00 dollars and basically left high and dry.


                               I would like to say Happy Easter and God Bless !

  Barry L. Crouse


                                                                                    Linux Server Update 03/18/216

                     I wanted to provide a update on my Linux Based Server. I have successfully created a local account with a 20480 bit certificate. Seven years ago I took a AMD 939 based system and attempted this and my CPU had a melted pin. This brings up a new set of rules for my Private Server. I have tested my file share server using a pure blend of Unix based file systems completing the following :

                       1).  Unlocking the encrypted Harddisk and using the NFS file share system with a controlled Group account property I have set the following parameters Owner full control Group Access with read and "others disabled".

                       2). I have disabled Samba based files Windows and Unix interoperable  and not accepted.

                       3). I have published to a pgp key directory RSA 8192 and 12288 certificates used for online use. I will be deciding whether to set up a pgp key with a local account with a 16384 bit key to be published on a key directory-online.

                       4). My keyring is configured with my local domain account as the default.

                        I have configured my Email client the PGP keys with a protocol of Sha 384/512.

                        The main reasons this is being done is to insure Email is properly being validated and authenticated. One possibility is having a Google mail account configured for your local box on the server for quality assurance. The idea is not to control the Email but to verify it is authenticated and not giving to much control on the Public side because some Public based certificates have some serious issues that have not been addressed. I hope the Gmail configured with the local server will function properly because the next step will be a 16384 bit certificate with a local email account published to a online pgp key directory as indicated above. 

                              These preemptive actions are necessary do to souring relations with National Banks and local Government entities. Last year before I went overseas I had a encrypted Linux server with a router and a firewall that was rendered useless. Private Property damage is unacceptable when malicious entities choose to engage in these types of activities. This is similar to a movie I am reminded The outlaw Josey Wales He was working his field and a bunch of hooligans, bandits, criminals attacked his farm for no reason of course The media does not wish to discuss this because it is like a black eye in their face disregarding people's private property.

                                Your Friend Barry

                                                                                                       Linux Server Update 

      Today is 03/13/2016. I have recently completed built a Linux based server. I basically took a 2008 machine and updated it. The bios appeared to be a little tricky at first. I was able to load the TPM module Internal Crypto System from the bios and set up the server with Raid capabilities and encrypted each hard disks. I have a total of 4 hard disk on my server with each disk having a partition. I was successful in implementing Network File system-NFS from the Dolphin File system and placed my shared files on a seperate hard disk with password security.  The bios was setup with some password security.

       One of the biggest problems was validation and authentication keeping undesirables off my system. I created a group account with access and read rights only to prevent any modifications of files. The users within my own Network have a little more rights because of their physical presence. Guest account or "others" disabled reason need some form of validation and authentication on my own Network System.

         Another consideration was Printing on a Network System this also proved to be a little bit of a challenge accessing  important documents across the Internet and maintaining  some form of security the shared printing was tied into the NIS Network Information System and had to be disabled.


                       I have also set up a limited PGP key Infrastructure and was successful in setting up a 8192 RSA Pgp key and a Secure shell also 8192. The Ldap directory is proving to be a headache trying to balance a Internet based protocol to a Local based Network System. I utilized a dual Email client System to keep major Internet based Email seperate from one another.

Barry L. Crouse


                                                                                                  Welcome to Barry's Science Blog 

                                                      Thank you for reading my Science Blog. After making attempt after attempt to restore my tumblr blog, it appears it is non-restorable. The tumblr blog is tied into the Yola widget for whatever reason does not work. I will try to customize this blog to make it more presentable but it will take time.

                                                      I will write two different sets of blogs. This blog is geared to Barrys Scientific based Products and will discuss hardware and software designs, testing, and implementation along with Network Topology Designs.

                                                       I have been working on building a Linux based Server making hardware, and software upgrades. I have successfully completed creating PGP keys for the following


                                                        1). 8192 RSA PGP Symmterical

                                                        2). 12288 RSA PGP 2 subkey Encryption  Assyemtrical

                                                        3). 16384 RSA PGP 3 subkey Encryption   Assymetrical

                                                        I have also successfully implemented the TPM module and have the capacity to build a Internal Crypto System. After completing a series of testing. I would like to complete the following:

                                                        1). Publish my Ph.d thesis in Mechanical Engineering.

                                                        2). Obtain State and Federal Trademarks for sites.

                                                         3). Work on completing a Design Patent for my Internal Crypto sysytem and or processing.

                                                           I would like to continue to achieve these goals that have been set. I have another website named Barry Equality Field Equation

   Barry L. Crouse

   Barrys Scientific Based Products


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